Batch 1: From Friday, 12 July 2024

Evolution Test Series for IAS & IFS Main 2024

Score high in IAS and IFS Main with India's most experienced team.
We will help you convert your knowledge into marks-fetching answers through UPSC-style assessment, feedback and strategic advice.

Check the subject specific calendars
Meticulously planned test papers covering most important topics
UPSC-aligned evaluation and feedback to highlight your strengths and weaknesses
Scientific plan & schedule to help you revise fast and push you for the best
In-depth discussion and strategic advice for the Mains by the faculty


Selections in the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination


All India Rank -1 in the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination


Positions within the Top-10 lists of the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination

Why you need a Test Series?

Get a hold over nuances of effective and marks-fetching answer writing for the main Examination.

The Civil Service Main Examination assesses your ability to express your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter clearly and logically.

Your performance is evaluated not only on the information you provide but also on how well you organize your thoughts and ideas, constructing a coherent and well-structured answer.

To excel in the Civil Service Main Examination, it is crucial to practice clear and concise writing, which enables you to maximise your scoring potential by presenting your knowledge effectively.

To assist in preparing for the upcoming CSE Main Examination, we offer a Test Series that includes supervised answer-writing practice for questions similar to those in the actual examination, along with feedback and discussion of your responses. Utilising these tools will enhance your presentation skills and enable you to perform to your full potential.

Main features

If you are prepared with your syllabus coverage, this course will convert your content into marks-fetching answers.

  • Offline mode: A very limited number of seats are available to take take the tests from Evolution Classroom.

  • Online mode: Avail the Test Series from anywhere in India.

  • Just 50 Seats per subject: We are doing this to maximise personal attention and accelerate your improvement.

  • 8 Tests covering all the important topics for this year's Main Examination. Get a good practice on the most probable questions.

  • Strict timeline and deadlines. Unlike most test series, this one follows a system of strict deadlines, so that you finish everything in time with the level of discipline that is needed so much at this stage.

  • UPSC-style evaluation: We will be checking our answer-scripts strictly on the UPSC pattern to give you a clear idea where you stand and what you need to do further.

  • Feedback: Our focus will be on the holistic development of your answer writing skill. This is done through sustained practice and feedback.

  • Discussion: The mentor will host live-online classes to discuss the questions and answers to help you frame a good answer.

Programme objectives

  1. Testing your ability to produce a well-written, coherent answer within 150-word framework and a 250-word framework. This also includes testing appropriate language and grammar.
  2. To test your ability to write an answer within a tight time-limit, a situation that you will face in the Main Examination.
  3. Assessing your ability to think critically and organise your knowledge and ideas.
  4. To help you identify and work upon the most important topics for the Main Examination 2024.
  5. To help you select the needed reading resources so that in less time you can do more. We know that finding the right resources can be daunting, so we will help you out.
  6. To help you on the queries that you may have about the subject or the examination in general.

Test Series 2024 Plan & Inclusions

Plan of the Tests
Please click on the links below to see the subject specific schedule.
Test Series 2024-BOTANY.pdfTest Series 2024-AGRICULTURE.pdfTest Series 2024-ZOOLOGY.pdfTest Series 2024-FORESTRY.pdf
Features of the programme
  1. Limited OFFLINE MODE available: For a limited number of students, the facility to write the tests from the Evolution classroom will be available. Your choice will be noted at the time of admission but preference will be given to the students facing the CSE / IFS Mains 2024. The post-test discussions with the faculty and mentors will be conducted online only.
  2. ONLINE MODE: Students not being able to write the tests in offline mode can opt for online mode. Test-paper upload, answer-script submission, return of the evaluated answer-scripts and live-online discussion of the tests will all be conducted on our learning portal.
  3. Just 50 seats per subject to maximise personal attention and accelerate your improvement.
  4. 8 well planned tests in each programme, in which the questions have been carefully chosen from the most significant topics for the current year's Main Examination.
  5. Access to comprehensive digital study material will be available for your reference until the Main Examination 2024. Please note that these materials are digital and will be accessible on our portal in a non-downloadable format.
    We will not be able to provide them in a downloadable or printed format. Access to this reference material will expire once the Main Examination 2024 has been conducted by the UPSC.
  6. 50 illustrative model answers (6-7 per test) to help you learn the ideal structure of UPSC answers.
    IMPORTANT: Deliberately, we do not provide readymade model answers for every single question in the test but we will teach you the structure and content outline of all the questions.
    We are also providing you the access to comprehensive digital study material for your reference until the Main Examination 2024.
    The test series is an opportunity to learn answer writing by practising under supervision; it is not a means to obtain ready-made answers for rote memorisation. In our experience, rote memorisation does not work for most parts of the Main Examination. Therefore, we limit the provision of model answers to 50, which should offer you insight into constructing an effective answer.
  7. Evaluation of your answer scripts by the faculty member with proper feedback and marking on the lines of UPSC Examiners.
  8. Detailed online discussion by the faculty for every test paper and including advice for ideal answer.
How the Test Series will be conducted
  1. A student opting for the test series in offline mode will be able to come to the Evolution Test Centre at the specified time to take the test.
    The subsequent steps, such as evaluation and feedback discussion, will still be conducted online as per the calendar.
  2. For the students taking the test in online mode,  the question paper and QCA (Question-cum-Answer) booklet for the test will be uploaded to the test portal as per the test plan. You will be downloading them.
    There are two ways to answer the tests: using the QCA booklet or on plain sheets of paper.
    A) To use the QCA booklet, you will first need to download it from the test portal. Then, print it out and write your answers in the space provided in the QCA. After that, scan and upload the QCA as PDF on the test portal.
    B) You may also use plain sheets of paper to write your answers. Once done, you will need to scan your answer script and upload it as PDF on the test portal.
  3. In about 10 days’ time after the submission deadline, the faculty will return the evaluated answer script with comments. The answer script will be uploaded back on the portal.
  4. Shortly after, the faculty will host live-online sessions to discuss the question paper and the answers. These sessions will be hosted on the test portal. You will also have opportunities to ask questions to the faculty. The dates for these sessions will be pre-announced on the Test Portal.
  5. If you miss any live-online session, you will have the recording available on the test portal. The recordings are usually posted within 24 hours of the live session.
  6. Candidates who have registered for the CSE Main Examination will be able to access the test portal till the conclusion of the CSE Main Examination 2024.
  7. The test portal for candidates taking the IFS Main Examination will be open until the conclusion of the IFS Main Examination in 2024.


The Test Series is offline (very limited seats) and online.

Plan of the Tests

Test Series 2024-BOTANY
Test Series 2024-AGRICULTURE
Test Series 2024-ZOOLOGY
Test Series 2024-FORESTRY

Seats per course

Just 50 seats per subject to maximise personal attention and accelerate your improvement.

Modules of the course

8 Tests on the lines of the CSE Main. 4 tests will be on specific sections and 4 tests will be on full syllabus. Though primarily designed on the lines of the CSE Main, these tests will be equally helpful for the upcoming IFS Main Examination. Please refer to the sections "Features of the Programme" and "How the Test Series will be Conducted" to know more.

Evaluation with feedback for the answer-scripts submitted within the deadline.

Live-Online Discussion Sessions by the faculty

Addressing your queries regarding your CSE or IFS Main preparation


Evolution Online Portal on a single device (Accessible on Android and iOS Mobile Phones and Tablets)


Agriculture, Zoology & Botany: From Friday, 12 July 2024 till Friday, 30 August 2024

Forestry Test Series: Just after the CSE Main 2024

Fee: Rs. 12,000 per Subject (Inclusive of GST)

Attractive discounts available for Evolution students. Please see the payment page to see the offers.  
Pay here to join
Upon successful payment, please send your proof of payment by WhatsApp to 9810975937. We will then send you the link of online admission form to complete your enrolment.

How to enroll for Evolution Test Series

A simple, 3-step process to join the course you want

1. Payment: Please make the payment for the course-fee. Please make a request for the payment link to: 9810975937
2. Filling-up Admission Form: After we have received the payment, we will send an Online Admission Form by email. You will be filling this up fully and submitting it online.
3. Enrollment: After verification of your payment and submitted Online Admission Form, we will enroll you into the Test Series of your choice. We will send you the access details a day before the Test commencement.
4. That's it. We will send you the access details a day before the Test commencement. Now you are ready to prepare with the Evolution Test Series.

Ready to start?

Accelerate your journey to a high score in the IAS and IFS Main Examination with Evolution Test Series 2023.

Seats available: 50 for each subject.

Programme Fee: Rs. 12,000 for each subject.

The programme fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Evolution reserves all rights related to admission.

Admission Opening on 08 July 2024

Loved and Recommended by Toppers

The journey of many inspiring IAS and IFS Toppers started as beginners at Evolution. We have proudly made the IAS and IFS journey of 2100+ candidates possible, including those of 9 All-India Toppers and 100+ Top-10 Rankers.

Smriti Mishra

IAS Rank - 4, 2022

I enrolled in both the Zoology Optional Regular Course and the Zoology Test Series at Evolution, which played an instrumental role in my UPSC preparation.

Evolution enabled me to prepare comprehensive, high-quality Zoology notes which became the backbone of my Main Examination study material. Despite having been a B. Sc. Life Sciences Topper (Rank-2) at Delhi University, the classes at Evolution served to enhance my understanding, added significant value to my existing knowledge base and helped me frame my answers.

I also feel that many topics and questions in the Main Examination are at the Masters level. Thanks to Evolution, I was able to grasp these advanced topics also efficiently.

The classes are consistently meticulously planned and executed, allowing students to master the concepts and facts without wasting time and effort.

Abhishek Sir has been a constant pillar of support throughout my journey. He took the time to patiently check our work and provided us much-needed mentorship. Even two years after completing the course, I was able to reach out to him and the rest of the team and received help and encouragement, which is truly remarkable.

(Shared in a video interview:

Vishal Khatri

IFS Rank - 5, 2019

I had joined the following courses at Evolution, both in online mode - 1) Interview Preparation Module with  2 in-person mock interview + lectures on Current Affairs and Forestry 2) Prelims modules - Current affairs, Environment and Science-Tech.

Evolution helped me quickly improve my Env preparation from a generalist CSE paper 3 level to the depth required for IFoS. I have seen many of my friends struggle in Env and SciTech due to lack of a good, consolidated source. Evolution's extremely relevant and comprehensive coverage of these topics definitely added value to my preparation.

Abhishek Sir's lectures were rigorous, yet focused and engaging. The narrative format of delivery improved my understanding, as well as retention, reducing the need for revision. His broader guidance on framing of answers (structuring, prioritisation) and IFoS-specific questions was also immensely helpful. Chiranth Sir helped me cover high-scoring areas like Env legislation for Prelims and revising Forestry. I would unhesitatingly recommend these courses to any serious aspirant. I've myself been using them for the coming attempt.

Lakshmi Nagappan

IAS Rank - 45, 2018 | IFS Rank - 50, 2018

I joined a course on Geology at Evolution under the guidance of Sir Prabhakar Priyadarshi (AIR 31, IFS 2017) .

Joining this course made my work simpler... I am glad to have made the right choice and grateful for his immense help to crack the examination successfully.

Vaibhava Srivastava IFS Rank 1, IAS Rank 93

Vaibhava Srivastava

IFS Rank - 1, 2017 | IAS Rank - 92, 2017

I have learnt so much from the way Abhishek sir articulates and presents his thoughts. Thank you so much, sir, for your encouragement, guidance and support!

Prashant sir and Chiranth sir helped me immensely in covering Forestry in such a little time.
Abhishek sir, thank you so much for creating such an enabling and friendly environment!


IFS Rank - 1, 2016

I prepared both my optional subjects with Evolution for the Civil Service and IFS Examinations.

Despite being a B.Tech. in Computer Science, I mastered subjects like Botany with Forestry with reasonable ease and felt confident in the exams.

The classroom course and notes have been exactly in tune with the needs to the examination. For most of my preparation, I relied only on my class-notes.

Anupam Sharma

IFS Rank - 2, 2017

Every member of the Evolution team (Abhishek sir, Suman ma’am, Chiranth sir and others) has been a source of immense help, support, guidance and motivation for me.

In fact, now I identify myself also as a part of it. While many persons & institutions helped me in achieving my & my family’s dream, Evolution’s was the most dominant force …the Optimus Prime. I shall always remain indebted to Evolution. Thanks a lot:)