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GEOLOGY for IAS & IFS Main: Online Course

Learn from a selected IFS officer

Prabhakar Priyadarshi

All India Rank 31, Indian Forest Service 2017; Highest marks in Geology optional in IFoS 2017 Mains amongst selected candidates
A course by a selected candidate with the highest score in Geology optional - designed keeping in mind the difficulty students face while preparing for IFoS and CSE with Geology optional.
The course focuses on clear concepts, strengthening strategic focus areas and correlation of different topics to understand Geology in holistic manner and score well.
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Prabhakar Priyadarshi (All India Rank 31, Indian Forest Service 2017 ); Highest marks in Geology optional in IFoS 2017 Mains amongst selected candidates

Modules of the course

1. Recorded video-lectures for the entire syllabus 2. Study Material comprises of personal notes of Prabhakar Sir and Additional Compiled Material from the best sources for each topic. 3. Direct guidance from Prabhakar Sir by email ( 4. Practice papers


Evolution Online Learning App on a single device (Accessible on Android and iOS Mobile Phones and Tablets)

Course length

About 120 Hours of Video Content

Study material

Notes in printed format

Access duration

1 year


₹ 30,000 inclusive of 18% GST
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Selections in the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination


All India Rank -1 in the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination


Positions within the Top-10 lists of the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination

Why Geology? 

Highly scoring

Geology is considered a highly scoring subject. It is especially beneficial for candidates taking both the Civil Services and the Forest Services (IFS) Examinations.
With our guidance, getting 60 percent or more becomes easy in this optional.

Excellent results

Every year, about 55% of the Geology selections are from Evolution. In the last two years, some notable results have been:
Rahul Gupta - Rank - 22, IFS 2019
Abhishek Samria - Rank - 61, IFS 2019
Lekhraj Meena - Rank - 63, IFS 2019
Arvind Meena - Rank - 68, IFS 2019
Lakshmi Nagappan - Rank - 50, IFS 2018

Direct questions

The subject is a part of earth sciences. Nothing is left to the interpretation of the examiner and the content material is mostly facts. So, if you have written the correct answer, you should get reasonable marks. You can also increase your marks with diagrams and make the presentation better.

Manageable syllabus

The syllabus is well defined and and the content material is mostly facts. This subject doesn’t need regular updation like some of the humanities subjects. There is very little current affairs linkage in this subject.
Plus, many topics in Geology are linked with physical geography which features in the General Studies Paper I.
Most of the questions asked are repeated. So, practicing previous year UPSC question papers diligently will reap benefits.

Simple answers can fetch high marks

There is no unpredictability in the scores. You write well and you score well. No guessing games like may humanity subjects.You will not be losing any marks on the grounds that your line of arguments / interpretation did not match with that of the examiner.
In sciences, there are only facts and concepts, which if correct, are bound to fetch you high marks.

Easy to get a competitive advantage

Most of your competitors, who are not getting a good guidance, would rely on common resources and find the subject too big and hard to manage. We have made Geology preparation simpler for you with streamlined content, updated and enriched material and step-by-step mentoring. We will also help in organizing the entire course as per the demands of the examination. Thus, you can understand the emphasis areas and focus on them appropriately.

Principal areas of coverage in this course

Paper 1

General Geology

Geomorphology and Remote Sensing

Structural Geology


Indian Stratigraphy

Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Paper 2


Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Sedimentary Petrology

Economic Geology

Mining Geology

Geochemistry and Environmental Geology

Click here to see the detailed syllabus of Geology for IAS & IFS Main

Why you should be with Evolution for Geology

Evolution is India's most credible institute for Geology with 55% plus of all UPSC selections with this optional in the last 2 years. Our faculty, our notes and our guidance combine to give you far superior preparation than your competitors.

Outstanding faculty

The faculty Prabhakar Priyadarshi (All India Rank 31, Indian Forest Service 2017 ) is himself a selected candidate having secured the highest marks in Geology optional in IFoS 2017 Mains amongst selected candidates

Clear competitive edge

Specialist faculty helps you in developing clear concepts of the topics and also bring marks-fetching depth and value addition to your answers.

We simplify everything

We specialise in making the subject matter beginner friendly.
While teaching, we break each topic into logical sub-topics and then go about building concepts step-by-step.

Complete & authentic material

Crisp notes on all the topics – easy to grasp and retain
Each topic prepared from standard reference books
All notes prepared by our in-house research team

Unmatched mentoring

Special Sessions with Faculty to address all your doubts and queries
We help you see the larger picture and implement your strategy with micro-planning which is in 100% alignment with the examination

Insights on high scoring answers

With the teacher's guidance, you will learn the intricacies and techniques to write effective and high score-fetching answers, without which much of the preparation may go in vain.


All the Evolution Online Courses always include:

  • Lecture videos and tutorials covering the entire syllabus in an examination oriented manner
  • Supporting study material in printed or digital form, depending on the course and package
  • Access to weekly live sessions by the faculty to address doubts and share tips and methods about the CSE and IFS Examination
  • Direct access to the faculty through e-mail to discuss your queries and issues. Our faculty will respond by email or call depending on the nature of your query.
  • Generous course access duration and video viewing allowance
  • Availability on Android and iOS Apps - compatible with both mobile phones and tablets

Features of Evolution Online Programmes

Excellent preparation guidance and content for CSE & IFS, wherever you are.


Get access to excellent preparatory guidance anywhere, anytime.


Experienced experts from premier universities with great track-record of results

Lecture videos

Engaging lecture videos to cover the syllabus in a streamlined, exam oriented manner

Study material

Study material based on the best text books, journals and web-resources


You can study any time that suits you. There is no need to log in at a specific time.


Lower course fee for the same preparatory guidance and zero overhead costs


Targeted approach based on extensive research into the pattern and trends

Beginner friendly

Beginner friendly course design, covering from the basics to  required advanced level


Modern teaching tools and methods for easy and better mastery of preparation

Test Papers

Practice question papers included with every course to give you directed exercise

Live interaction

Weekly live interactions with the faculty for doubt removal and preparation guidance

Support Emails

Reach the faculty directly through e-mail to discuss your queries and issues.

What the selected candidates say about this course

Rahul Gupta

IFS Rank - 22, 2019

Thank you so much for your valuable guidance throughout my preparation. I can confidently say that ” what I have achieved today is because of your guidance “.
Sir, the “way you made us understand geology concepts, they way you taught us how to answer in examination, how to fetch more marks” made all the difference.
Above all of that,  a student always needs a personal touch from his mentor. I have been lucky enough to be guided by you sir.
Thank you so much again sir for mentoring me, guiding me. I wish to meet you soon. Keep doing the good work as many aspirants deserve mentor like you.

Abhishek Samria

IFS Rank - 67, 2019

I prepared both my optional subjects - Geology and Forestry - with Evolution for the Indian Forest Service Examination.
The  course and notes were in tune with the needs to the examination. The personal attention from Prabhakar Sir was truly remarkable and very helpful.
He was extremely cordial and kind in entertaining my various queries, and guided me throughout the preparation.

Lekhraj Meena

IFS Rank - 63, 2019

The valuable guidance provided by Prabhakar Priyadarshi Sir regarding Geology was immensely helpful.The class notes and videos were exam oriented and covered the entire syllabus along with majority of previous year questions.
The topics were taught in such a way that there was an extensive interlinkages among various topics in the syllabus. And finally the use of coloured pencils definitely made the answers more appealing.
I am thankful to Sir for his guidance which proved valuable in finishing the syllabus on time and qualifying the exam.

Arvind Meena

IFS Rank - 68, 2019

Life comes down to a few moments at times. The decision we take in those moments define who we become and what we do. One such moment came into my life in last year June. I had never studied geology in my life but had qualified prelims exam for Indian Forest Services. As I sat in my table, contemplating which coaching to join to cover the seemingly impossible syllabus of Forest Services in mere 40 days, I took a decision that changed my life.
I choose Evolution IAS Institute over others and that has made all the difference. After UPSC found me worthy of selection with a score of 220 in geology and AIR 68 in Indian Forest Services Exam 2019, I could not thank Priyadarshi Prabhakar Sir enough. In a matter of mere 40 days, with his guidance and support, I was able to cover the entire syllabus with ample writing practise. His teaching style is unparalleled with absolute exam focused notes. In a simple, lucid language he explained most of the topics with effortless ease. And wherever I got stuck he was very welcoming to clear my doubts after class.Once again I am highly thankful to Priyadarshi Sir. Without him, my dream would not have come true.

Lakshmi Nagappan

IAS Rank - 45, 2018 | IFS Rank - 50, 2018

I had started my preparations for the Forest Mains post Civil Service Mains Examination . So I had 2 months to do everything from the scratch. I chose Geology and Forestry as my optional considering the fact that material was easily available and knowledge in Forestry could be of help in the interview too. Thankfully I came across a crash course on Geology hosted on the website of Evolution IAS under the guidance of Sir Prabhakar Priyadarshi (AIR 31,2017) . Joining this course made my work simpler because Sir had already provided his compiled notes, useful insights from external sources and explained the complex geological processes in a simpler manner. Certain topics like Mineralogy , Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Palaeontology which are generally scoring but ignored by candidates due to lack of conceptual clarity were made easy. Further I cannot thank him enough for telling us the importance of using coloured pencils in diagrams, trust me it did wonders. Also he was always available through email or phone despite undergoing training, this helped me clarify my doubts easily. I am glad to have made the right choice and grateful for his immense help to crack the examination successfully.

How does it work? Simple as 1, 2, 3.

During office hours (10 AM - 6 PM from Monday to Saturday), it takes only about 30 minutes to complete all these steps.
Payment: After counselling, our course advisor will send you the payment link for the course fee for the online course you plan to join.
Confirmation: After we have received the payment, our office will send you an email with confirmation of payment and enrolment form.
Admission: Once you have also filled the admission form, we will enroll you for the course and send you an email with instructions for intsalling the Evolution Learning App and your login credentials.
That's it. Now you are ready to prepare with the Evolution Online Course of your choice.


FAQs: Frequently asked questions

What type of videos will I be getting?

All the videos are recently recorded lecture videos. They contain lectures recorded in the classroom or studio set-up.
All the videos are HD quality but optimised for adaptive streaming even over low bandwidth of internet connection.
Our team is continuously creating new video lessons to incorporate recent content and modifications. So, you can be sure about the lecture video content being updated.

On what devices can the lecture videos be watched?

Our online courses are available only on our Android and iOS Apps.
You can access the course on a single Android or iOS phone or tablet.
The course will not be accessible on a PC or Mac though browser.
You must consider this factor when you are joining the course.

Can I watch the videos offline?

Yes.You can download and save the video and handouts within the App for offline viewing.
This is helpful when you do not have a very reliable internet connection.

Can I see demo videos lectures before I join?

Yes. We let you view a cross-section of our online lecture videos and tutorials. If you like what you see, you will love what the rest of the course has to offer.
Please fill in this form, and we will send you the samples.

How long will I have access to the course?

Full term GS Courses and Integrated Courses: 1 - 2 years of access depending on the package opted by you.

Full courses of optional subjects: 6 months - 1 year's access depending on the package opted by you.

Crash courses and other short courses: As specified on the course information page

On how many devices can I access my course?

You can access your online course from only one device - either a mobile phone or a tablet.
Our system will remember the device (tablet / mobile) where you first login. You will always have access on this device only.
Login from a second device will fail and such an attempt will automatically block your account.

What about notes?

Each online course will be including relevant study material in printed or digital format.
The study material is concise and aligned to the demands of the CSE and IFS Examination.

Will there be tests?

We have included a good number of practice questions in each online course offered by Evolution. You are welcome to submit your answers by email for the faculty's feedback. This will help you sharpen your answer writing skills.
Please note that Evolution Test Series is a separate programme and not a part of the online course. You can join it separately at discounted fee options for Evolution's existing students.

How will my doubts be addressed?

You will have access to weekly live session by the faculty to address your doubts and to guide you for the examination.

You can also interact with your instructor through email and also send your answers for evaluation and feedback.

How many times can I watch the lectures?

For all online courses, you have 1.5 times viewing allowance with unlimited clicks.
For eaxmple, if the total course duration is 100 hours, you total viewing allowance will be 100 hrs. x 1.5 = 150 hrs.

Any restrictions?

We have zero-tolerance policy for piracy. Our platform has in-built and continuously updating security features to detect attempts for multi-device login, attempts to download course content and attempts to capture the screen.
Violating accounts are automatically and permanently blocked.

What is your refund policy?

Since we let you view a cross-section of our online lecture videos and tutorials, plus chapters from our study material, we assume that you have taken an informed decision to join an online course.
Therefore, we do not offer refunds.

Do you offer discounts?

All our online courses have resaonble fee, which is significantly lower than the classroom course for the same subject. Running our service and supporting students is a significant undertaking, so we do not offer discounts.

Can I pay in instalments?

The option is available when you pay online with credit card issued by ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HSBC Bank & Kotak Mahindra Bank.
EMI amount will be added to your monthly credit card bill for the duration you choose. Bank charges will apply.

I have some other question.

Why not? We’ll be happy to address all your queries and concerns. Please drop us a mail at or send an SMS to +91-9810975937.Our team will be in touch with you soon.

Benefits of online preparation

More flexibility

There is no need to leave your hometown or job or your university course to join the coaching class. You can attend your classes anytime - because we give you an asynchronous class: an online class where you do not have to log in at a specific time for a live session, but you can study anytime.

Same teachers and the same content

At Evolution online courses, the same teachers create online lectures and tutorials who have been teaching for years in our classroom courses. So, you get the same quality of preparation that your classroom peers are getting. We also make no difference in the content that we share with our students, irrespective of what mode of preparation they have chosen to adopt - classroom, online or guided self-study.

Lower costs

You are studying online means that you pay less tuition fee and bear no overhead cost (like paying for your stay in a big city). Depending on the course and the required duration of stay in a city like New Delhi, you could be saving up to Rs. 3,00,000 (Rupees three lakh) in a year.

Self-discipline and responsibility

Studying online requires more self-motivation and time-management skills because you will spend a lot of time on your own. Thus, your online course will not only teach you your subject, but it will also help you become more self-motivated, a trait that will make you stand out in the UPSC journey.

Opportunities for faculty interactions

All online courses feature weekly live sessions by the faculty to address your doubts and to guide you for the examination. Moreover, you can reach the faculty directly through e-mail to discuss your queries and issues. Our faculty will respond by email or call depending on the nature of your query.

More choice of courses

We, at Evolution Online, are continuously creating new meaningful courses for the CSE and IFS Examination. Studying online allows you to no longer worry about class location or duration when you are choosing what to learn next. Feel free to take any new course that you find beneficial.

Do you have questions? We can help you.

  • We will always give you unbiased academic advice based on your academic background and stage of preparation.
  • Our advisors will offer suggestions drawn fom their experience of having interacted with thousands of IAS & IFS aspirants.
  • Our academic advisors keep themselves updated with the latest trends of the IAS and IFS examination.
  • Depending on your present level, we will suggest you the best course for starting your preparation - Classroom, Online or Guided Self-study.