One of the scoring and versatile optionals; the choice of many toppers


A course by a committed and experienced expert - designed keeping in mind the difficulty students face while preparing for IFoS and CSE with Geology optional.
The course focuses on clear concepts, strengthening strategic focus areas and correlation of different topics to understand Geology in holistic manner and score well.
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New offline batch from 10 June 2022


Dr. Pradeep Sir

Modules of the course

1. Examination aligned classes for the entire syllabus 2. Enriched class-notes and handouts 3. Personal mentoring and guidance from the faculty 4. Class-tests and discussion

Venue of classes

Evolution Classrooms in Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi

Course duration and class frequency

4 Months with 3 days a week classes

Study material

Class-notes, notes in printed format plus selected supplemental handouts


₹ 40,000 inclusive of 18% GST


Selections in the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination


All India Rank -1 in the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination


Positions within the Top-10 lists of the UPSC Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination

Why Geology? 

Highly scoring

Geology is considered a highly scoring subject. It is especially beneficial for candidates taking both the Civil Services and the Forest Services (IFS) Examinations.
With our guidance, getting 60 percent or more becomes easy in this optional.

Excellent results

Every year, about 55% of the Geology selections are from Evolution. In the last two years, some notable results have been:
Rahul Gupta - Rank - 22, IFS 2019
Abhishek Samria - Rank - 61, IFS 2019
Lekhraj Meena - Rank - 63, IFS 2019
Arvind Meena - Rank - 68, IFS 2019
Lakshmi Nagappan - Rank - 50, IFS 2018

Direct questions

The subject is a part of earth sciences. Nothing is left to the interpretation of the examiner and the content material is mostly facts. So, if you have written the correct answer, you should get reasonable marks. You can also increase your marks with diagrams and make the presentation better.

Manageable syllabus

The syllabus is well defined and and the content material is mostly facts. This subject doesn’t need regular updation like some of the humanities subjects. There is very little current affairs linkage in this subject.
Plus, many topics in Geology are linked with physical geography which features in the General Studies Paper I.
Most of the questions asked are repeated. So, practicing previous year UPSC question papers diligently will reap benefits.

Simple answers can fetch high marks

There is no unpredictability in the scores. You write well and you score well. No guessing games like may humanity subjects.You will not be losing any marks on the grounds that your line of arguments / interpretation did not match with that of the examiner.
In sciences, there are only facts and concepts, which if correct, are bound to fetch you high marks.

Easy to get a competitive advantage

Most of your competitors, who are not getting a good guidance, would rely on common resources and find the subject too big and hard to manage. We have made Geology preparation simpler for you with streamlined content, updated and enriched material and step-by-step mentoring. We will also help in organizing the entire course as per the demands of the examination. Thus, you can understand the emphasis areas and focus on them appropriately.

Principal areas of coverage in this course

Paper 1

General Geology

Geomorphology and Remote Sensing

Structural Geology


Indian Stratigraphy

Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Paper 2


Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Sedimentary Petrology

Economic Geology

Mining Geology

Geochemistry and Environmental Geology

Click here to see the detailed syllabus of Geology for IAS & IFS Main

Why you should be with Evolution for Geology

Evolution is India's most credible institute for Geology with 55% plus of all UPSC selections with this optional in the last 2 years. Our faculty, our notes and our guidance combine to give you far superior preparation than your competitors.

Outstanding faculty

The faculty for the classroom course Dr. Pradeep is a committed and experienced faculty for Geology, who has organised the entire syllabus into small, easy to understand modules. He has a simple and visual approach to teaching, making the subject matter graspable even to a beginner.

Clear competitive edge

Specialist faculty helps you in developing clear concepts of the topics and also bring marks-fetching depth and value addition to your answers.

We simplify everything

We specialise in making the subject matter beginner friendly.
While teaching, we break each topic into logical sub-topics and then go about building concepts step-by-step.

Complete & authentic material

Crisp notes on all the topics – easy to grasp and retain
Each topic prepared from standard reference books
All notes prepared by our in-house research team

Unmatched mentoring

Special Sessions with Faculty to address all your doubts and queries
We help you see the larger picture and implement your strategy with micro-planning which is in 100% alignment with the examination

Insights on high scoring answers

With the teacher's guidance, you will learn the intricacies and techniques to write effective and high score-fetching answers, without which much of the preparation may go in vain.


All the Evolution Classroom Courses always include:

  • Regular and engaging classes covering the entire syllabus in an examination oriented manner
  • High quality class-notes plus lecture handouts, when and where required
  • Special sessions by the faculty to address doubts and share tips and methods about the CSE and IFS Examination
  • Regular Sectional Tests and Feedback for developing marks fetching answer writing skills
  • Full-syllabus mock tests before your CSE and IFS Main Examinations

What makes our classroom courses stand out

Everything that you need to get a top rank in the CSE and IFS Examination


Experienced experts from premier universities with great track-record of results


Targeted approach based on extensive research into the pattern and trends of the exams


Modern teaching tools and methods for easy and better mastery of preparation

Good for beginners

Beginner friendly course design, covering from the basics to the required advanced level


Focused study material based on the best text books, journals and web-resources


Regular and scientifically structured tests and feedback to consolidate preparation

Small batches

Optimal batch sizes to ensure a healthy teacher-student ratio and effective learning


Personal attention on individual progress, performance and problems


Excellent peer group from all over India to both compete and collaborate

Personal Development

Not just academic preparation but directed personality development also

Time bound

Optimal utilisation of time to finish the preparation timely and get ready for the examination


Periodic interaction with Civil Servants for motivation and insights

The success percentage at Evolution is among the highest in the country.

Evolution's courses maximise your chances of selection, getting a high score and becoming a Topper.

Toppers recommend Evolution

Vishal Khatri

IFS Rank - 5, 2019

I had joined the following courses at Evolution, both in online mode - 1) Interview Preparation Module with  2 in-person mock interview + lectures on Current Affairs and Forestry 2) Prelims modules - Current affairs, Environment and Science-Tech.

Evolution helped me quickly improve my Env preparation from a generalist CSE paper 3 level to the depth required for IFoS. I have seen many of my friends struggle in Env and SciTech due to lack of a good, consolidated source. Evolution's extremely relevant and comprehensive coverage of these topics definitely added value to my preparation.

Abhishek Sir's lectures were rigorous, yet focused and engaging. The narrative format of delivery improved my understanding, as well as retention, reducing the need for revision. His broader guidance on framing of answers (structuring, prioritisation) and IFoS-specific questions was also immensely helpful. Chiranth Sir helped me cover high-scoring areas like Env legislation for Prelims and revising Forestry. I would unhesitatingly recommend these courses to any serious aspirant. I've myself been using them for the coming attempt.

Lakshmi Nagappan

IAS Rank - 45, 2018 | IFS Rank - 50, 2018

I joined a course on Geology at Evolution under the guidance of Sir Prabhakar Priyadarshi (AIR 31, IFS 2017) .

Joining this course made my work simpler... I am glad to have made the right choice and grateful for his immense help to crack the examination successfully.

Vaibhava Srivastava IFS Rank 1, IAS Rank 93

Vaibhava Srivastava

IFS Rank - 1, 2017 | IAS Rank - 92, 2017

I have learnt so much from the way Abhishek sir articulates and presents his thoughts. Thank you so much, sir, for your encouragement, guidance and support!

Prashant sir and Chiranth sir helped me immensely in covering Forestry in such a little time.
Abhishek sir, thank you so much for creating such an enabling and friendly environment!


IFS Rank - 1, 2016

I prepared both my optional subjects with Evolution for the Civil Service and IFS Examinations.

Despite being a B.Tech. in Computer Science, I mastered subjects like Botany with Forestry with reasonable ease and felt confident in the exams.

The classroom course and notes have been exactly in tune with the needs to the examination. For most of my preparation, I relied only on my class-notes.

Anupam Sharma

IFS Rank - 2, 2017

Every member of the Evolution team (Abhishek sir, Suman ma’am, Chiranth sir and others) has been a source of immense help, support, guidance and motivation for me.

In fact, now I identify myself also as a part of it. While many persons & institutions helped me in achieving my & my family’s dream, Evolution’s was the most dominant force …the Optimus Prime. I shall always remain indebted to Evolution. Thanks a lot:)

How to enroll for classroom courses? Simple as 1, 2, 3.

Registration: After counselling, our course advisor will send you the payment link for ₹ 10,000 towards registration to the classroom course you plan to join.
Confirmation: After we have received the payment, our office will send you an email with Confirmation of Registration. Now, we have blocked a seat for you in the classroom course of your choice.
When you arrive at Evolution: Report to Evolution Office on or before the Batch commencement date, fill-up the Enrollment Form, pay the remaining course fee and it's done.
That's it. Now you are ready to prepare with the Evolution Classroom Course of your choice.


FAQs: Frequently asked questions

I need to know about the course plan.

Like other courses, the classroom courses at Evolution are planned to cover the syllabi for the UPSC Civil Service Examination and the Indian Forest Service Examination in an intensive manner.
It means identifying the emphasis areas, re-organising the structure of the syllabus, incorporating the special demands arising out of the question papers, and then delivering the lectures in a systematic way.
As a student, you will be having the broad road-map of the entire course plus each month's class-plan and test plan.

What is your teaching methodology?

We believe that the formula for outstanding results in these competitive examinations comprises of motivated students, committed faculty and rigorous academic work. You’ll find all these at Evolution.
Our classes are planned by the teachers well in advance. We keep the structure examination focused, so that you get most effective preparation in the shortest period of time. At the same time, we strive to make our classs beginner-friendly by using visual teaching aids and other innovations.

How long will I need to stay in Delhi?

The Integrated Courses for IAS and the Integrated Courses for IFS or the Mega-Dual Integrated Course will require you to stay in Delhi for about 16 - 18 months.

The GS Comprehensive Programme is a 15 month programme.

Optional subject courses are shorter in duration, lasting between 4 to 6 months.

Most of the the students simultaneously attend classes for two courses together.

What about notes?

Each classroom course will be including relevant study material in printed format.
The study material, rather than being bulky, will be concise and aligned to the demands of the CSE and IFS Examination.
Additionally, we also share with you the lecture handouts for many classes, whenever the teacher considers it necessary for explaining a topic.

Will there be tests?

The practice tests are essential part of all the classroom courses.
Practice tests are held during the coverage of the syllabus on a weekly / sectional basis. When the course syllabus is covered, we also conduct the full syllabus mock tests before the actual examination with the purpose of enabling a you to go through supervised revision and practice the writing skills.

Will there be post-course support?

As a student of Evolution Classroom Course, you will always be entitled to the updates in the course material and current developments related to your subject.

We also encourage all our students to stay in active contact with their respective teachers, through the preparation period, in order to keep gaining tips, techniques and insight.

How will my doubts be addressed?

You will have access to special sessions by the faculty to address your doubts and to guide you for the examination. Moreover, you can also interact with your instructor and your classmates through the group discussion sessions held time to time.

Any restrictions?

We have zero-tolerance policy for piracy and indiscipline.
All the classroom students are bound by the terms and conditions, which must be agreed to at the time of taking admission.
Violating the terms and conditions leads to immediate and permanent suspension of services with no-refund.

What is your refund policy?

Since we let you view a cross-section of our  lectures in video form and chapters from our study material, we assume that you have taken an informed decision to join an online course.
Therefore, we do not offer refunds.

Do you offer discounts?

All our courses have resaonble fee, at par with or less than most of the established and reputed coaching institutions.
Running our service and supporting students is a significant undertaking, so we do not offer discounts.

Can I pay in instalments?

The option is available when you pay online with credit card issued by ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HSBC Bank & Kotak Mahindra Bank.
EMI amount will be added to your monthly credit card bill for the duration you choose. Bank charges will apply.

I have some other question.

Why not? We’ll be happy to address all your queries and concerns. Please drop us a mail at or send SMS to +91-9810975937.
Our team will be in touch with you soon.

Do you have questions? We can help you.

  • We will always give you unbiased academic advice based on your academic background and stage of preparation.
  • Our advisors will offer suggestions drawn fom their experience of having interacted with thousands of IAS & IFS aspirants.
  • Our academic advisors keep themselves updated with the latest trends of the IAS and IFS examination.
  • Depending on your present level, we will suggest you the best course for starting your preparation - Classroom, Online or Guided Self-study.