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All India Rank - 1, Indian Forest Service Eaxm, 2016

I prepared both my optional subjects with Evolution for the Civil Service and Indian Forest Service Examinations. Despite being a B.Tech. in Computer Science, I mastered subjects like Botany with Forestry with reasonable efforts and felt confident in the exams.

The classroom course and notes have been exactly in tune with the needs to the examination. For most of my preparation, I relied only on my class-notes, while the study materials served as excellent reference resources.

I was also with Evolution for Interview Guidance and Test Series. I must say that the personal attention – especially from Abhishek Sir – was truly remarkable and went a long way in sharpening my preparedness and keeping myself motivated.

Vaibhava Srivastava

All India Rank - 1, Indian Forest Service Eaxm, 2017

I have learnt so much from the way Abhishek sir articulates and presents his thoughts. It used to be absolute pleasure for me to just listen to him. Thank you so much, sir, for your encouragement, guidance and support!

Prashant sir and Chiranth sir helped me immensely in covering Forestry in such a little time. Prashant sir was extremely cordial and kind in entertaining my various queries, and guided me throughout the preparation.

Abhishek sir, thank you so much for creating such an enabling and friendly environment!