Clear IAS Prelim 2020 with confidence

Clearing IAS Prelim requires much more than just willingness to work hard.
You will need a very specific approach, well distilled resources, guided self study and rigorous testing.

We at Evolution have all these for you and much more.
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Programme Essentials

Nearest Batch: Saturday, 7 December, 2019

Next Batch: Early January, 2020 (Please call office at 011-47092329 for exact date)

Course Duration: 16 Weeks

Class frequency: 6 days per week

Class duration: 3 hours per day (plus, Additional classes for CSAT)

Class timing: 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Modes available: Classroom and Online mode

Study material: About 1600 pages as printed material and downloadable PDFs

Tests: 25 Tests included. 15 Sectional Tests plus 10 Full Tests

Current Affairs Support: From June 2019 till Early May 2020

Programme Fee:

Classroom mode (Classroom Sessions + Printed material + Classroom Tests): ₹ 40,000 (with CSAT).

Online mode (Video classes + PDF materials + Online Tests): ₹ 20,000 (with CSAT).

The challenge of IAS Prelim

From the experience of the last 10 years of Preliminary Examination results, we can draw the following generalisations.

  1. About 5 lakh candidates appear in the IAS Preliminary Examination every year
  2. Only about 8,000 – 9,000 candidates clear it (in other words only 2% of the candidates clear the first hurdle of the Civil Service Examination)
  3. The cut-off score to clear the IAS Preliminary Examination in the last 1 decade has hovered in the range of 50% – 57% marks
  4. A safe score to target will thus be at least 60% of marks – the higher, the better
  5. Getting 60% of marks in the IAS Preliminary Examination is not easy. It requires experienced guidance, careful planning, consistent implementation, concentrating on the right sources and a lot of practice.
  6. Mostly those students clear the IAS Preliminary Examination who already have a good preparation for the IAS Main Examination.
  7. The beginners need to be extra careful for the IAS Preliminary Examination as they are going to compete with a lot of such candidates who have already cleared the IAS Preliminary Examination in one of their earlier attempts. Such candidates constitute about 50% of those who clear the IAS Preliminary Examination in any given year.
What does the Prelim 2020 course offer

The Prelims 2020 is  a targeted solution for the IAS Preliminary Examination. This course gives you:

  1. Intensive Mentoring and Teaching by Dr. Abhishek and team
  2. Augmented and Guided Self Study model with micro-planning oriented to the Prelim 2020
  3. Experienced experts, specialized for IAS Preliminary Examination
  4. Structured coverage of all the areas of the prescribed syllabus of the IAS Preliminary Examination (Current Events, History of India and Indian National Movement, Indian and World Geography, Indian Polity and Governance, Economic and Social Development, Environmental Ecology and General Science.)
  5. Strategic preparation aimed at getting you 130+ score in Preliminary GS, whereas the cut-off remains around 100 – 110.
  6. A practical Timetable for IAS Preliminary Examination preparation
  7. Coverage from all the relevant resources (from the basic NCERT and NBT books to advanced reference books) and online sources which are recommended by every topper, every year
  8. Course content divided into small learning modules
  9. Simple and examination orientated presentation
  10. Focus more on concepts rather than on facts
  11. Inclusion of only relevant material – no content overloading
  12. Exhaustive coverage of current affairs
  13. 25 Structured Tests (15 Sectional + 10 Full Syllabus Tests) for effective revision and practice
Who should join

You are the right candidate for this course if you:

  • are taking 1st attempt in 2020
  • are aiming to write IFS 2020 (IFS demands higher cut-off)
  • have been preparing yourself but have not cleared IAS Prelim till now
  • have taken GS coaching elsewhere, and have not cleared Prelim till now. (A special discount offer will be available for you)
Key benefits
  1. Time bound and effective preparation without any guess-work
  2. Concise and organised reading material for consolidated revision
  3. Systematic understanding of all the vital concepts in different subject areas for the Prelim
  4. Robust grasp over Current Events and Related Awareness which constitute about 50% of IAS Prelim paper
  5. Deep understanding of  the pattern of questions and a sense of confidence after having solved 25 Test Papers
  6. Tips and Tricks to do well in the Prelim 2020