Test Series for IFS

Secure a high score in your optional subjects at the IFS 2018 Main with our scientifically planned Test Series featuring very similar and most likely questions, expert evaluation and feedback plus personal mentoring.

Get ready for IFS Main 2018

8 Scientifically planned Tests

Questions exactly in the same pattern as the actual IFS Main paper

Emphasis on questions with a strong likelihood of being asked in the examination

Meticulous evaluation by the core faculty

You get to know exactly where you stand and how to get better. Evaluated Answer Booklet will have proper feedback, comments & guidance.

Detailed discussion and personal feedback

The faculty will discuss the paper in detail outlining the elements of a good answer for all the questions.

What will I get?

  • Practice based on 8 Scientifically Designed Tests exactly on the lines of the actual IFS Main Examination
  • Practice on the most probable questions for this year’s IFS Main Examination
  • Test paper evaluation by experts with proper comments, guidelines and feedback.
  • Detailed in class discussion for each test where the expert will guide you on what would be an ideal answer for the questions. (For the candidates taking the Test Series in the Distance Learning Mode, video-recording will be available for these discussion sessions)
  • Supplementary material / Source guidance

Who this Test Series is for

To get the maximum value from this Test Series, you must be:

  • writing the IFS Main Examination in the year 2018 itself. Though it sounds obvious, but we want to emphasise that this Test Series is not designed to be an early practice programme for the IFS Main 2019 or later. This Test Series is for 2018 IFS Main Examination only.
  • having a certain level of comfort with the subject matter. Remember, this is a Test Series and NOT a crash course. In our discussion sessions, we’ll presume your familiarity with the subject and focus upon the construction of an ideal answer. We are NOT going to teach the content in the post-test discussions.
  • having relevant study material at your disposal, so that you can revise timely and take the test in a prepared state.
  • willing to cope with the speed and intensity of a programme like this, which is taking place just two months before the actual examination.
  • willing to commit to the Test Calendar. An important element of any test is its timing and we adhere to it stringently. Opt for the Classroom Test Series only if you are comfortable with all the dates. Otherwise, you can take the Test Series in the Distance Learning Mode.

Programme of the Test Series

For each subject, there are 8 Tests planned as follows.

  1. Test 1: Section A – Paper 1
  2. Test 2: Section B – Paper 1
  3. Test 3: Section A – Paper 2
  4. Test 4: Section B – Paper 2
  5. Test 5: Full Paper 1
  6. Test 6: Full Paper 2
  7. Test 7: Full Paper 1
  8. Test 8: Full Paper 2

You can download date wise plan here.


Test Plan for FORESTRY

Test Plan for ZOOLOGY – Admission closed on 15th October 2018

Test Plan for BOTANY Admission closed on 15th October 2018

2 modes of the Test Series

Classroom mode

  • You will come to Evolution classroom on the test dates at the prescribed times and take the tests in examination hall like set-up.
  • Your answer sheets will be collected in the classroom when the test ends. 
  • After evaluation, your answer sheets will be returned to you in the next week, when you come for the next test.
  • You will the attend the discussion of the Test in the next week in the classroom.

Distance mode

  • You will take the tests at home. You will get the Consolidated Question Paper-cum-Answer booklet (Printable PDF Files) through our secure portal / by email.
  • After attempting a test, you will send your answer sheets to us by Registered or SpeedPost. 
  • After evaluation, your answer sheets will be returned to you by Registered or SpeedPost in the next week.
  • You will have access to Test Discussion video through our secure portal.

How to join

There are 3 simple steps to join the Test Series.

  1. Pay the Fee by using the payment links given in the section below. For the Test Series, no other mode of payment is being accepted.
  2. Inform us about the payment by sending an SMS / WhatsApp message to 9810975937. Specify clearly whether you are taking the Tests in the Classroom Mode or in the Distance Mode.
  3. Download and fill-up the Admission Form, scan it and send to info@evolution.co.in.

That is all. We’ll complete your enrollment in one working day, issue you the receipt and send / give it to you. Now, you can start taking the tests.

Payment links

Please note that the programme fee, once paid, is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

The programme fee is the same for classroom mode and distance mode of tests.

Important downloads related to the new session of classroom courses