IFS Interview Guidance

The UPSC will be conducting Personality Test for IFS-2018 Examination from 28th January 2019. Are you ready for it?

Please read below for  information on Interview Guidance Refresher Course and Mock Interviews.

About the Personality Test for the Indian Forest Service Examination 2018

On 3rd January 2019, the Union Public Service Commission announced the written stage result of the Indian Forest Service (IFS) Examination (Main) 2018.

The candidates having cleared the IFS Main Examination will now face the Personality Test, starting from 28th January 2019.

Our Interview Guidance and Practice Programme

We at Evolution have developed a comprehensive Interview Guidance and Practice Programme for the forthcoming IFS Personality Test.

For the last 15 years, this programme has enjoyed a nationwide acclaim and unmatched trust among IFS aspirants. We have been the pioneers of this programme and have worked hard to evolve this programme according to the changing requirements of the UPSC IFS Examination.

This programme has made hundreds of candidates cross the final line and get selected for the prestigious Indian Forest Service (IFS).

For you too, it will be immensely helpful in achieving an impressive rank in the IFS final list this year.

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Why do you need Evolution IFS Interview Guidance and Practice Programme?

The Indian Forest Service (IFS) is a specialized All India Service and it can not be regarded as a generalist service. The selection process too is quite different for this examination as compared to the Civil Service Examination.  At each step of this examination, your suitability for the IFS is being tested.

The UPSC has developed a very scientific pattern of Personality Test to assess you at the final stage of selection process. Here, the Interview Board at the UPSC will be interested to see in you traits and abilities like integrity, communication, zeal to contribute, managing people, and projects, environmental awareness and sensitivity, liking for an outdoor life, etc.

Such a specialized Personality Test needs focused preparation with experts. Being the first-mover in this field and having constantly been evolving, Evolution is the only institute in India with real expertise for the Indian Forest Service Examination.

Our IFS Interview Guidance Programme is a vital link to your success.

What are we offering for the Personality Test for the Indian Forest Service Examination 2018?

We are offering two types of programmesIf this is your first IFS Interview, you must join both the components. But, if you have faced the IFS Interview earlier, you may like to join even one of the components, based on your needs.

ProgrammeWhat do you get?

Online Refresher Classes

Programme fee: Rs. 6,000

Only Online Admission can be taken. Use the payment link below to initiate Admission.

Pay here to enroll

After successful payment, you will be taken to an online form to fill in your details and upload your DAF and Photograph.

You will get the Video Lectures of Refresher Classes and Study Material. The essentials of the Online Refresher Classes are as follows.

  1. The overall duration: About 20 hours.
  2. Mode of delivery: Online lectures delivered through our online learning platform
  3. Number of online lectures: 44 (Each video of about 30 minutes in duration and covering a specific theme)
  4. Schedule of delivery: 4 videos will be uploaded on each of these dates. (8 Jan, 9 Jan, 10 Jan, 11 Jan, 12 Jan, 15 Jan, 16 Jan, 17 Jan, 18 Jan, 19 Jan, 20 Jan).
  5. Coverage area: See the detailed curriculum here. All the essentials of the Indian Forest Service interview plus a broad range of topics on laws, policies, programmes and issues related to forests, wildlife and environment. These topics are known to be asked prominently in the IFS Interviews year after year.
  6. Comprehensive Reading Material: Reading material on the essentials of the Indian Forest Service plus on a broad range of topics on laws, policies, programmes and issues related to forests, wildlife and environment. These topics are highly important from the point of view of the IFS Interview.
  7. Lead faculty: Dr. Abhishek Kumar – an acclaimed mentor for the IFS Examination with 16 years of experience.
  8. Direct access to lead faculty: All enrolled student will have direct access to Dr. Abhishek through the following modes.
    • E-mail
    • WhatsApp
    • Facebook Live Video Sessions at our Facebook page:  (4 Sessions – Date and Time will be conveyed to the enrolled students)
  9. Why online? 
    • Flexibility of time and location. 
      • Many of you are not in Delhi and can not attend these classes in the classroom mode.
      • Even those who are in Delhi, may find commuting to Mukherjee Nagar time consuming and inconvenient or may find our class-timing incompatible with their existing engagements.
      • Many of you are also going to face the Civil Service Examination Personality Test (IAS Interview) this year. That means you are also spending time and effort preparing for the IAS Interview and you are hard-pressed for time.
      • Thus, in these extremely demanding and hectic days, online classes give you the much needed flexibility of time and place. You can augment your preparation for the IFS Interview sitting anywhere and studying anytime.
    • Availability of recently selected IFS officers and Forestry Experts who are not available in Delhi. 
      • Many of the recently selected IFS officers and Forestry Experts will be making valuable inputs in these Refresher Classes and they can not be in Delhi to take classes. But, you can benefit from their experience and insights in the Online Mode.
    • Other benefits associated with any online learning system
      • Watch anywhere and anytime, either continuously or breaking into parts
      • Watch any number of times
      • Pause, Rewind and Repeat for better insight

Mock Interview

Fee: Rs. 1,200

Register here for Mock Interview

You will get one session of Mock Interview with our specifically constituted panel for IFS Interview. After the interview, you will get structured feedback on your performance and tips on how to improve.

Mock interviews are crucial to your personality test preparation. They play a vital role in:

  1. familiarizing you with the actual interview format of the IFS
  2. letting you know the most probable biodata related and technical questions which may be asked to you in the interview
  3. identifying your strong points and how to best capitalise on them
  4. identifying your weak spots and practical strategies to deal with them
  5. deepening your insight on expectations of the UPSC interview board
  6. improving your own performance from the collective experience of 1000+ candidates who have been trained by us

Essential features:

  • Mock Interview will be conducted by a specially constituted panel of 3 – 4 experts which will include academics drawn from FRI, Dehradun, Delhi University, IITs and also a recently selected IFS officer / a retired IFS officer.
  • We shall be emphasizing on such questions which align with your personal, academic and professional background. Our experience shows that such questions have a high probability of being asked to you.
  • The mock interviews will also assess your aptitude and knowledge in specific areas such as issues related to environment, forests, climate change, biodiversity and wildlife in India.
  • We shall also be framing questions to check your familiarity with the Indian Forest Service, its mandate, current role, emerging challenges etc.
  • Each mock interview will be followed by a detailed feedback from the panelists. During these feedbacks, you will be getting to know your strong points, where you can do better and score given on the current performance.
  • Video recording of your mock interview for review and further improvement


An outline of the Curriculum of the the Refresher Classes

There are two parts of the Online Refresher Classes for IFS Personality Test

Part – 1 : The essentials of Indian Forest Service interview
  1. Under the essentials of Indian Forest Service interview, we cover mainly the following.
    1. The nature of the Indian Forest Service interview
    2. The UPSC’s expectation from the Indian Forest Service candidates
    3. The most likely questions
    4. Some perennially favourite questions, which have been asked nearly every year to almost 50% of the candidates
    5. How the Indian Forest Service interview differs from the Civil Service Examination interview
    6. The do’s and don’ts of the Indian Forest Service interview
    7. What kind of knowledge you’re expected to display with respect to hobbies
    8. How to handle certain tricky questions, such as, “why do you want to join the Indian Forest Service” or “what service will you choose and why if you are selected for both Indian Forest Service and Indian Administrative Service” etc.
    9. Common mistakes by most of the candidates and how to avoid them
    10. The dress code
    11. The essentials of the body language, appropriate for the interview
Part 2 of the Refresher Classes – Domain specific topics

These classes cover areas such as environment, forests, wildlife, climate change and such other areas where a good grasp is expected from you in the Indian Forest Service interview.

In this part we have covered those vital concepts and facts where you are required to display clarity and proficiency combined with precise expression during the Indian Forest Service interview.

These areas will include the essentials of:

  1. Forests in India
  2. Forest -related legislations in India
  3. Different forest policies of India
  4. Essentials of forestry practices
  5. Various issues related to forest management in India
  6. Problems such as encroachment, forest fires, forest land diversion for non-forest purposes etc.
  7. New initiatives in the field of forests and their management
  8. CAMPA
  9. Forest Rights Act
  10. Wildlife wealth of India
  11. Wildlife -related policies in India
  12. Wildlife Protection Act of India
  13. Protected Area Network of India
  14. Various conservation programmes of India such as Project Tiger, Mission Rhino, Project for Asiatic Lions, Project Elephant, Project Snow Leopard, Project for the Great Indian Bustard etc.
  15. Biological diversity, international conventions, legislative and policy actions taken by India, the challenges facing biodiversity in India, the various amendments to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Hot Spots, Hope Spots, Unique situation of the Western Ghats, etc.
  16. Conservation challenges, the concept of threatened species, IUCN categories etc.
  17. Pressing environmental problems of India, such as worsening air quality, particulate matters, vehicular pollution, the pollution of the river Ganga etc.
  18. Emerging issue such as the judicial intervention in environmental matters, National Green Tribunal etc.
  19. Recent international meets
  20. Main knowledge areas from India State of Forests Report and the Annual Report of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Going beyond the expected

In addition to the classes, it goes without saying, these classes will be helping you plan for the questions which may be asked from your biodata. Usually these questions start the interview and therefore, they are highly important. After all, who doesn’t want to make a great first impression?

Our experience will help you identify what type of questions can be asked to you on your background, education, work experience, hobbies, awards etc.

We’ll also help you deal with certain tricky questions which are mainly aimed at exploring your deeper motivations for joining the service. These questions also have another purpose, that is to assess how passionately you feel about this service.

Our experience with thousands of the students puts us in a unique position to enrich you with an unparalleled insight into what the actual interview is going to be like. If you are willing to work diligently with us, then this is the best preparation you can have for your forthcoming Indian Forest Service interview.

We will not leave any stone unturned. Our success lies in your success. And we expect an equally uncompromising attitude from you when you join us for the programme.

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