Targeted academic programme for Forestry optional preparation with emphasis on clear concepts, strategic focus areas, constant updating and effective presentation. We have made this easy optional a reliable and scoring optional. It produces the maximum number of results in the IFoS.

Focus on the real demands of the examination
Exclusive study material, totally aligned to the examination
Time bound preparation plan, that gets you ready in time
Personal mentoring and planning by senior faculty
High quality mock tests to sharpen your presentation

Course details

A short introduction

Forestry is an optional subject just for the Indian Forest Service Examination.

By far it has been the most popular optional in the IFoS and it accounts for about one third of all the selections in any given year.

The subject has earned its popularity for many reasons.

  1. The syllabus is short and easily manageable
  2. Much of the subject is of such nature that it can be well understood by student of any background
  3. The subject has been well scoring with a remarkable consistency.
  4. Many areas of the syllabus (esp. those related to forest types, management, Forest Policy, JFM, Wildlife

    Conservation etc.) directly help in General Knowledge and the IFoS Interview.

  5. With help of some recent information culled from newspapers and magazines, it is possible to raise the score

    level considerably.

The Forestry Course offered by Evolution has been capitalising upon the strengths of this optional and making it all the more an attractive proposition.

We have achieved so by having:

  • Our faculty drawn from FRI and other premier Institutions
  • Well organised notes
  • A course design meeting the demands of the examinations.
  • Regular tests to further boost your confidence
Who can benefit from this course?

Forestry as a subject is background neutral.

Student from diverse backgrounds have taken this subject and cleared IFoS examination with high ranks. This also includes BTech students from various streams.

If you have been a biological or allied science student, you’ll find the entire course extremely rewarding and all the more easy to manage. Hundreds of such students have already benefitted from our Forestry course so far. It is your turn now.

Course inclusions

Paper – I of IFoS Forestry

Paper – II of IFoS Forestry

Revision Tests

Class Frequency

Weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday.

Lecture Duration

5 Hours each on Saturday and Sunday.


Revision Tests along with the classroom coverage of the subject

Refresher Tests after the completion of the classroom coverage of the subject

Test frequency is usually once a week

After-course support

Updated notes through a dedicated website

Refresher tests after the completion of the course based on IFoS Pattern

What the Toppers say about us

Vaibhava Srivastava

All India Rank - 1, Indian Forest Service Exam, 2017

I have learnt so much from the way Abhishek sir articulates and presents his thoughts. It used to be absolute pleasure for me to just listen to him. Thank you so much, sir, for your encouragement, guidance and support!

Prashant sir and Chiranth sir helped me immensely in covering Forestry in such a little time. Prashant sir was extremely cordial and kind in entertaining my various queries, and guided me throughout the preparation.

Abhishek sir, thank you so much for creating such an enabling and friendly environment!


All India Rank - 1, Indian Forest Service Exam, 2016

I prepared both my optional subjects with Evolution for the Civil Service and Indian Forest Service Examinations. Despite being a B.Tech. in Computer Science, I mastered subjects like Botany with Forestry with reasonable efforts and felt confident in the exams.

The classroom course and notes have been exactly in tune with the needs to the examination. For most of my preparation, I relied only on my class-notes, while the study materials served as excellent reference resources.

I was also with Evolution for Interview Guidance and Test Series. I must say that the personal attention – especially from Abhishek Sir – was truly remarkable and went a long way in sharpening my preparedness and keeping myself motivated.

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