Integrated Course

Comprehensive academic programme and personal mentoring for those who want to clear IAS & IFoS in the first attempt itself

Comprehensive Guidance covering

Prelims GS


All papers of Main GS

Optional subject/s


IFoS English

Personality Test

Course overview

If you are a beginner and want to clear the hyper-competitive UPSC examinations in the very first attempt and that too with a good rank, your choice is obvious. Look no further, Evolution Integrated Courses offer you the most complete and most reliable solution for the UPSC Civil Service Examination and the Indian Forest Service Examination.
The Integrated Course is our flagship and most sought after course, meant to guide an absolute beginner to success in the hyper-competitive UPSC examinations such as the Civil Service Examination and the Indian Forest Service Examination. In an Integrated Course, you receive coaching for all the parts of the UPSC Examinations. In an Integrated Course, we include the following.
  1. Coaching for the Civil Service Examination General Studies plus CSAT. The UPSC has made this Examination as a common first stage for both the Civil Service Examination and Indian Forest Service Examination. Due to a very large number of candidates appearing for this stage of the examination, the competition is very stiff. The candidate has to be prepared systematically and scientifically to clear this first hurdle. The cut-off marks are slightly higher for Indian Forest Service. This is because of lesser number of seats available for the Indian Forest Service. Therefore, an aspirant for the Indian Forest Service has to work extra hard at the level of the Preliminary Examination.
  2. Coaching for Main Examination General Studies. This includes all the four papers of Civil Service Main Examination General Studies. Among these four papers of General Studies, a diverse range of subjects are covered. They include Indian History, Culture, World History, Post Independence Indian History, Indian Polity, Governance, India’s Foreign Relations, Social Justice, Social Issues, Indian Economy, Role of Science and Technology, Environmental Ecology, Disaster Management, Internal Security and Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude. For the Indian Forest Service Examination, one has to cover one paper each of the General Knowledge and English papers. Together, these two papers carry the weightage of 600 marks at the main stage of the Indian Forest Service Examination.
  3. Coaching for optional subjects. For the Civil Service Examination, a candidate has to take only one optional subject. At present, we are offering coaching for 3 optional subjects for the Civil Service Examination. The subjects are: Zoology, Botany and Agriculture. For the Indian Forest Service Examination, a candidate has to take 2 optional subjects. For the Indian Forest Service Examination, Evolution offers zoology, Botany, Agriculture and Forestry optional subjects. Out of these subjects, the UPSC permits taking any combination but the combination of Agriculture and Forestry subjects are not permitted.
  4. Coaching for Essay paper for the Civil Service Main Examination. This paper carries weight is of 250 marks at the Civil Service Main Examination Stage and it plays an extremely vital role in one’s success. Although this paper is not a part of the Indian Forest Service Examination, we advise our students to attend classes for this paper even though they are preparing just for the Indian Forest Service Examinations. The purpose is to prepare our student exceedingly well for the English Paper of the Indian Forest Service Examination.
  5. Coaching for the interview. After clearing the Main stage for the Civil Service Examination or the Indian Forest Service Examination, a candidate is summoned by the UPSC for a Personality Test. It Is more popularly known as the UPSC interview. It has its own special requirements and a candidate needs to be oriented and prepared accordingly. We, at Evolution, have developed an extremely scientific approach to the UPSC Personality Tests. Preparation for this stage includes special classes by our core and visiting faculties. The visiting faculties include some of the recently selected and retired civil servants. After the classes, the candidate goes through mock interviews. We assess the candidate’s presentation skills, clarity and personality traits. We then give the student a detailed feedback for improvement.
Other course inclusions
In addition to all these coachings, a student of Evolution Integrated Course also receives the following.
  • Personal mentoring with senior faculty and Academic Director for every step of the examination.
  • Practice tests: The practice tests include General Studies as well as optional subjects. Practice tests are held during the coverage of the syllabus on a weekly basis. What is the course syllabus is covered, we also conduct the refresher tests with the purpose of enabling a student to go through supervised revision and practice the writing skills.
  • Unlimited revision facility: It means if you want to attend a particular topic once again in one of the later batches, there is no problem – you are most welcome to come and attend the topic once again in the class.
  • Priority access to the lead faculty and doubt removal sessions even after completing the entire course
We offer three types of Integrated Courses
  1. Integrated Course for the Civil Service Examination. It provides complete solution to make you one of the Top Rankers in the IAS examination.
  2. Integrated Course for the Indian Forest Service Examination. This course starts from ABC and takes you to a final selection in the Indian Forest Service.
  3. The Dual Integrated Course. In this course, you will be taken to a uniquely designed programme in which you prepare for both the Civil Service Examination and the Indian Forest Service Examination. Several students at Evolution have cleared both the examinations together. They have been students of this programme.
Course duration
All the Integrated Courses at Evolution are of 18 months in duration. In the fast-track mode, it can be covered in one year also.

Fee related information and other queries
You can find the course fee related information in the latest Course Fee Table. You can download this fee table here. For dedicated counselling on our Integrated Courses, please fill in the form given in the footer of this webpage and in the message box please mention, “I need counselling for Integrated Course”. Our senior course advisor will call you on the same day and explain you the entire course and should also be able to address your queries and doubts regarding the course. You can also call us on any of the weekdays that is Monday to Saturday between 10 AM and 6 PM on this number (+919810975937) for direct access to our senior course advisor.

What the Toppers say about us

Vaibhava Srivastava

All India Rank - 1, Indian Forest Service Eaxm, 2017

I have learnt so much from the way Abhishek sir articulates and presents his thoughts. It used to be absolute pleasure for me to just listen to him. Thank you so much, sir, for your encouragement, guidance and support!

Prashant sir and Chiranth sir helped me immensely in covering Forestry in such a little time. Prashant sir was extremely cordial and kind in entertaining my various queries, and guided me throughout the preparation.

Abhishek sir, thank you so much for creating such an enabling and friendly environment!

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